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Creating attributes


This section only applies for OAuth2 clients.

Create new attributes

Write scopes allow your client to create new attributes for a user in the matching scopes. These attributes can be templated, or entirely custom. The manual_write scope allows creating manual attributes in any group. If you choose not to use a template, an entirely custom attribute can be defined, with its own label and value type. It must belong to an existing group.


POST /api/2/attributes/create/

curl -X POST "" -H "Authorization: Bearer [token]" -H "Content-Type: application/json" -d '[{"template":"facebook_reactions"}]'
import requests, json

url = ""

attributes = [{'template':'facebook_reactions'}]

response =, 
    headers={'Authorization':'Bearer [your_token]', 


Clients should send a JSON array of objects where either the template field or the full set of label, group, and value_type are included. Providing manual is also optional. The array can contain a maximum of 35 objects.

Name Description
For templated attributes
template The name of the attribute template to use
For custom attributes
label String user-facing title for the new attribute
group String name of the group this attribute will belong to
value_type Integer value type of the attribute
Optional flags
manual Optional boolean defining if the attribute is manually tracked, defaulting to true
success_objects Optional boolean which, if set in query params, returns full attribute objects on success rather than the contents of your request


Returns a JSON object with success and failed fields containing your requested attributes. Returns 200 OK if all attributes were successful or 202 Created if some failed. Each object in the failed array will contain an error description and error_code string.

{ "success": [
    { "template":"facebook_reactions",
      "label":"Facebook reactions",
        "label":"Exist for iOS"