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Token authenticaton


All endpoints require authentication. We provide a simple token-based scheme which allows a single read-only token per user. Make sure this token is included in your requests by including the Authorization header with every request.

If you are logged in to Exist in the browser your session-based authentication will also work. This is handy for browsing the API (assuming you've set up your browser to accept JSON) but shouldn't be relied on for programmatic access.

Request a token

Exchange your user credentials for a token. This token will not change or expire by design but may be deprecated in the future.


POST /api/2/auth/simple-token/

curl -X POST "" -d "username=bobby_tables" -d "password=existrulz123"
import requests'',


Key Example value
username bobby_tables
password existrulz123


A JSON object containing a token key.

{ "token": "96524c5ca126d87eb18ee7eff408ca0e71e94737" }

Sign requests

Include the Authorization: Token [your_token] header in all requests.

# With curl, you can just pass the correct header with each request
curl "api_endpoint_here" \
  -H "Authorization: Token 96524c5ca126d87eb18ee7eff408ca0e71e94737"
import requests,
    headers={'Authorization':'Token 96524c5ca126d87eb18ee7eff408ca0e71e94737'})