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Get averages

Returns the most recent average values for each attribute, one set per week. Can be used to retrieve historical averages for attributes also. Results are limited to your read scopes.


GET /api/2/averages/

curl "" -H "Authorization: Bearer [YOUR_TOKEN]"
import requests

    headers={'Authorization':'Bearer [YOUR_TOKEN]'})


By default, without any parameters, you'll receive the most recent set of averages across all attributes belonging to your read scopes. By using include_historical=1 along with attributes=[name], you can retrieve a list of multiple records per attribute, newest first.

Parameter Description
page Page index. Optional, default is 1.
limit Integer defining how many results to a page
date_min "yyyy-mm-dd" date string defining the minimum (oldest) date inclusive
date_max "yyyy-mm-dd" date string defining the maximum (most recent) date inclusive
groups Comma-separated list of groups to filter by, e.g. activity,workouts
attributes Comma-separated list of attributes to filter by
include_historical Optional boolean, set true to receive historical records also


Returns JSON object containing a paged array:

  "count": 2,
  "next": null,
  "previous": null,
  "results": [
      "attribute": "steps", 
      "date": "2020-04-29", 
      "overall": 4174.0, 
      "monday": 4057.0, 
      "tuesday": 6614.0, 
      "wednesday": 4001.0, 
      "thursday": 3923.0, 
      "friday": 4528.0, 
      "saturday": 3649.0, 
      "sunday": 3904.0
      "attribute": "floors", 
      "date": "2020-04-29", 
      "overall": 13.0, 
      "monday": 13.0, 
      "tuesday": 16.0, 
      "wednesday": 14.0, 
      "thursday": 12.0, 
      "friday": 14.0, 
      "saturday": 13.0, 
      "sunday": 12.0